Myoko & Joetsu Evening Tour

Date: TBA (Winter only)


10,000 per person

Join our exciting evening shuttle tour and head out of the resort to experience some local culture, authentic Japanese dining and also learn more about the Myoko and Joetsu region. Book our evening tour and let us show you the traditional and modern brewing in Myoko and Joetsu. Then head to the famous Honcho shopping street and have dinner at any of the great restaurants in the area or head to a local bar or izakaiya for a drink with friends.

Takada Castle in Joetsu City, covered by light snow on a cold looking winters day.

Tour Details

Pick up times and locations


14:00 – Suginosawa – Naenano Yu bus stop
14:10 – Ikenotaira – Ikenotaira Tourist Office bus stop
14:20 – Akakura Onsen – main bus terminal


Famous traditional local sake brewery


Visit a famous local sake brewery that has continued in it’s traditional brewing methods since it’s establishment over 180 years ago in 1842. See the amazing building that is over 100 years old and see the beams that support it in the heavy snow season. See the pots and steam pans still used today and learn how the sake is produced. You will also be able to sample some of the recommended sake and purchase your favourite kind in the breweries shop.


Sake samples are free of charge.


Modern local beer brewery


A private opening session just for our tour in a brand new local microbrewery offering a selection of craft beers. See the facility and speak to the owner who will explain the brewing process and story of his brewery.


A great place to socialise with other guests and make new friends.

You can sample all the beers on offer.


We include one free sample beer.
You can upgrade to a sample set for an extra small fee.


Takada area, dining, shopping & culture


Learn about some of the history of the Takeda area and see the remaining watch tower of the old castle. Explore some of the local traditional shops on the famous Honcho shopping street and then head off to dine at any of the 100 or more local restaurants in the nearby area. You can explore and find your own place to eat and drink or we can book you in for a special meal.


You can try Japanese course dining at the famous Ryotei Ukiyo, a traditional Japanese style guest house or you can try some delicious sushi at the well known Tomizushi restaurant.


We will also provide you with our custom dining map with pins for places recommended by locals so you can explore and find your own place to eat with friends.



Drop off times and locations


20:10 – Akakura Onsen – main bus terminal
20:20 – Ikenotaira – Ikenotaira Tourist Office bus stop
20:30 – Suginosawa – Naenano Yu bus stop

Whats Included

Transport from Myoko to our destinations and back again.

A sample drink at the brewery

Whats Not Included

Dinning costs and extra drinks at the brewery.

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