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Naena waterfall covered in a light snowfall.

Myoko Kogen, embraced by the Japanese Alps, is a winter wonderland with powdery slopes for skiing. In spring, vibrant hues adorn lush trails, inviting exploration amidst blooming flora. The local hospitality adds authenticity, welcoming visitors to savor culinary delights and unwind in traditional onsens. Myoko Kogen, where nature and culture intertwine, leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

A person standing on steps looking down on to the Mt Hiuchi plateau with Mt Myoko in the background and clouds rolling across.
A woman walking on a hiking trail surrounded by lush green trees.
A bright red Japanese maple tree in autumn with Mt Myoko in the background.

Discover the year round beauty of Myoko.

As the seasons shift and the snow melts away, Myoko Kogen reveals its otherworldly beauty anew. Forests and ponds come to life, showcasing a palette of vibrant colors and wildlife that thrive in the crisp mountain air.

Discover stunning mountain trails, numerous golf courses with stunning views and impeccable greens, deep cultural experiences and delicacies made with locally grown ingredients. 

The charm of Myoko Kogen is found in warm hospitality of the locals, steeped in tradition which adds a touch of authenticity to your experience. Immerse yourself in the soothing waters of Myoko’s many onsen that grace this idyllic corner of Japan.

Myoko Kogen stands as a testament to the profound harmony that exists between man and nature, a place where the heart finds solace and the spirit discovers its own rhythm in the embrace of the mountains.

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