Discover the wonders of Myoko & Nagano with our unique tours

Discover the Myoko, Joetsu & the northern Nagano region with our tours and activities focusing on sustainable and responsible tourism that show you the best in nature, culture, cuisine and adventure. We are a local-based government licensed tour operator providing professional services in Myoko.

Experience the best of Myoko

Naena waterfall covered in a light snowfall.

Myoko Kogen, embraced by the Japanese Alps, is a winter wonderland with powdery slopes for skiing. In spring, vibrant hues adorn lush trails, inviting exploration amidst blooming flora. The local hospitality adds authenticity, welcoming visitors to savor culinary delights and unwind in traditional onsens. Myoko Kogen, where nature and culture intertwine, leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

A person standing on steps looking down on to the Mt Hiuchi plateau with Mt Myoko in the background and clouds rolling across.

Responsible Tourism

Sustainable tourism that helps the locals

Supporting local businesses.

At the heart of our service lies a commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

  • Preserve the environment and natural beauty of our destinations.

  • Avoid overtourism.

  • Go Local – support the local community and business.

  • Promote sustainable all-year-around tourism.

  • Respect local rules and traditions and customs.

group of people snowshoeing through a open field in front of a mountain
Kimi no I sake brewery group of tourists enjoying sampling the sake.