Commercial Disclosure

Legal Name Myoko Connect
Head of Operations Seiko Ohata
Address Niigata Ken, Myoko City, Futamata
Phone Number 0255-77-4860
E-Mail [email protected]
Accepted payment methods Credit card payment, QR code payment, bank transfer
Price The price for each service and tour is listed on each tour page
Payment period Payment should be completed with the time frame stipulated on the tour information page at the time of booking
Additional charges In the case of bank transfer additional fees may be charged by the bank. These will be covered by the customer
Delivery time The tour will be provided to the customer on the date that they requested and booked the tour.
Regarding cancelation and change Please refer to the General Conditions of Travel Agency Businesses
Privacy Policy Please refer to our Privacy Policy page
Permit Category 新潟県知事登録旅行 地域-460号