What is Discover Myoko?

Discover Myoko is here to support all local businesses in Myoko City. It is where you can find a directory of businesses, from hotels and restaurants to builders and web designers. It is the place for local news and to find out about local events. It is also the place to look for local job vacancies & find work with a local business. 

Everybody who signs up gets their own profile page to save their favourite places. Review and rate local businesses and help build our community into something great.

Our goal

The goal of Discover Myoko is help all local businesses attract more customers, sell more products and grow bigger! We want to help all local businesses do the best they can and build a friendly community spirit between all members both Japanese and foreign. 

The future

The plan isn’t just to stop at a simple website but to build a whole community that has voice and can work within itself and with other groups to help build a better Myoko. With funds raised from membership fees we hope to continue to build the community and use what resources we have to help members businesses and the Myoko City area.